Class Descriptions

Pre-School Ballet

Ballet introduces children to the joy of dance. Capturing imagination from an early age, we use props such as magic wands, ribbons, feathers and musical instruments to encourage expression and add to the enjoyment of the class. We also go on magical adventures to exciting places!

RAD Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet

At this level children can start to take optional examinations with the RAD: Royal Academy of Dance. For Pre-Primary, children do a class examination conducted by their teacher in front of an examiner which is a great introduction to exams. Once Children have practiced this they are usually excited to take their 'grown up' exam on their own next time around for Primary!

RAD Ballet Grades

Developing technique at the barre and in the centre. Focusing on body alinement, core strength and stability, and performing. Pupils will gain improved posture, poise and grace. As ballet has a technique which is the foundation of all dance, it will strongly benefit pupils training in other styles of dance.

Pre-School & Primary ISTD Tap

These fun filled classes encourage skills in rhythm, co-ordination and movement. The younger children love nothing more than putting on tap shoes and making lots of noise! As with Ballet, the use of musical instruments adds an extra dimension to the classes and makes them lots of fun!

ISTD Tap Grades

Pupils acheive a good sense of rhythm and timing in these classes. Co-ordination skills are also developed. Tap has great diversities in style and music, ranging from 'Fred Astaire' musicals, to the more recent 'Stomp' and 'Tap Dogs'. Classes cover all styles enabling pupils to gain a broader training. Option to take graded and vocational exams with the ISTD.

'Tot's' and 'Mini' Street Dance

An energetic introduction to street dance for little ones! Lively music, vocabulary, counting, increased confidence, social learning, and mostly major fun for boys and girls!

Street Jazz

Our Street Jazz classes are tailored towards girls. Routines have a funky, fresh, and sassy style! They are hugely popular which is why we have so many on the timetable!


Learn the latest moves as seen on MTV, pop videos and great dance films such as 'Street Dance' and 'Step Up'. These classes have a fusion of styles including: house, locking and popping, and tutting. Suitable for boys and girls.

Adult Hip-Hop

Music video style routines to the latest Hip-Hop and House music! 

ISTD Modern

Modern develops a range of dance movements and styles. In these classes children learn dance techniques in the form of set exercises, and a variety of routines such as 'Disney' songs for younger children, and 'West End' musicals for older children to name a few. Option to take graded and vocational exams with the ISTD.

Show Dance

Learning dances from various shows and musicals as well as jazz technique. These classes showcase their talents in a show once a year.

Musical Theatre

Sing, act, and dance in our musical theatre classes! Learning extracts from all the big musicals. For anyone who loves the stage, and performing! Children in these classes enjoy performing in a show once a year.

Performance Classes

Our performance classes work on routines to perform in various shows and locations (other than our RJL school shows).